Our large wills and probate practice has a long-standing reputation for handling all types of estate matters, from the routine to the complex, as well as disputed estates requiring a great deal of sensitivity. Bree Burns and Shona Hoskins are both experienced estate practitioners who regularly assist in the resolution of estate disputes, particularly matters involving the validity of Wills, claims for provision from an estate and conflict between executors.

With over 10,000 Wills in safe custody, Douglas Hoskins Legal can assist you in any matter relating to Wills and Estates. Whether it is a simple or complex Will, advice on estate planning, or assisting clients so they have the appropriate structures in place such as trusts, Douglas Hoskins Legal is able to provide a premium service. We can also be appointed as executors or trustees of Wills if required.

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We attend to the preparation of general and enduring Powers of Attorney and Advance Care Directives and can, if required, act as attorneys and guardians for clients. We are able to appear for you at the SACAT (formerly the Guardianship Board of South Australia) if there is a dispute about who should manage a person’s affairs.

In cases of disputed estates, where a family member seeks a larger or different provision from the estate than that provided in a Will, we are able to provide assistance every step of the way. We make every effort to assist families in settling their disputes and differences as amicably as possible, but if this is not successful, we are well equipped to pursue the matter in court to obtain a resolution.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Wills
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney
  • Probate

  • Disputed Estates
  • Contested Wills
  • Estate and Succession Planning, including Trusts

  • Advance Care Directives
  • Inheritance Claims
  • Affairs and Estates of Protected Persons and Minors

  • General and Limited Powers of Attorney
  • Tracing Next of Kin
  • Administration of financial affairs

Our Fees

For standard Wills, our fees are (inclusive of GST):

Will $770 Wills $1320
EPA $275 EPAs $440
ACD $275 ACDs $440
EPA and ACD $440 EPAs and ACDs $770
Will and EPA (or ACD) $990 Wills and EPAs (or ACDs) $1,650
Will, EPA and ACD $1,100 Wills, EPAs and ACDs $1,870

For more complex, or Testamentary Trust Wills, we charge the following fees:

Will $1,100 Wills $1,925
Will and EPA (or ACD) $1,320 Wills and EPAs (or ACDs) $2,145
Will, EPA and ACD $1,430 Wills, EPAs and ACDs $2,365

Where additional work is required, we charge the following fees:

Revocation of EPA $165
Deed for Mutual Wills $275
Binding Nomination for super fund $165
Review Trust Deed (per document) $110
Letter to Doctor regarding capacity $165
Letter to Attorney/SDM to sign documents (plus postage if outside SA) $110
Home/Hospital visit $165


The above may be subject to our discretion for example, where a home visit is particularly close to our office the fee may be waived.

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