Douglas Hoskins Legal – incorporating Hamilton Legal

Douglas Hoskins Legal is pleased to announce that we have incorporated the business of Hamilton Legal as of 16 December 2022. We made this decision in anticipation of the retirement of Mrs. Anne-Marie Hamilton. We eagerly anticipate working with Mrs. Hamilton’s clients and aim to ensure a seamless transition.

Douglas Hoskins Legal, a medium-sized firm located in North Brighton, has been serving our local community for over a decade. Prior to 2012, we operated as the law practice Caldicott & Co. Our primary areas of practice include Wills and Estates, Estate Litigation, and Family Law. We take pride in offering our clients efficient and affordable service.

We have transferred all original documents previously held by Hamilton Legal in Deed Packets to our offices at 333 Brighton Road, North Brighton. These documents are securely stored at no cost to Hamilton Legal’s clients.

Our friendly staff will gladly address any questions you may have regarding this change. We eagerly look forward to collaborating with you.

Douglas Hoskins Legal - incorporating Hamilton Legal